ADHD and Adam Levine

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I just wanted to write a quick post on this. My son who is 5 has ADHD and possibly has asperger's syndrome. I've researched to my wits end on how to help him be most successful in school and life, being he just started kindergarten. In my research I stumbled upon a few interviews with Adam Levine from Maroon 5. I had no Idea that he had ADHD and so I read through his interviews about it and quite frankly just wanted to thank him for being so open about his ADHD and how it's affected his life. It in a sense gave me a bit of hope for my own son, I know sounds silly how could someone I've never met or know (although I am a fan of his band) give me hope for my child? I don't know really it just does, it just shows me that I don't have to go to my room and FREAK out quitely over how I'm going to help my son, That you know what, he's gonna be ok. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Adam in a way showed me that grand accomplishments aren't out of anyone's reach including my own son's. 
Don't get me wrong my son is incrediably smart, in fact his teacher was amazed at how much more he knew going into kindergarten than all the other students in his class. I believe in my son although at times he can be completely and utterly chaos, but I don't know for some reason reading adams interviews and watching a few of his videos on it made sense to me, connected with me. He will probably never see this post and that's fine but I did want to thank him for what he's doing and who know's maybe another mama or someone with ADHD will see it and gather a little hope of their own. Anyways here's a few links to the interviews and to "The Own it Project" which is creating awareness about ADHD. 

 Adam Levine Talks About ADHD

Here are some more links on what ADHD is and how it can affect a person.
FYI for all the skeptics out there that believe ADHD is an excuse, it's NOT. It is a real disorder and the person with it honestly can not help the way they are feeling/acting/ or thinking. I hate when people tell me well if you just do this or that with your son he wouldn't behave that way.....GRRR all those people who think they know everything and want to make me feel as if I'm not a good mother can kiss my pretty little A$$. I know I'm a good mother, I've done everything I possibly can to help my child be everything he can be, I went to the doctors when I thought something wasn't right when most people said oh he's just a boy being a boy...yea I had 2 older brothers he wasn't just being a boy. I had to do what I thought was right for my son and that's what I did, I didn't go into denial like some of my family, no I saw something wasn't right and I took action to protect my son and help him. I just hope other Mom's in the world can have that same courage, God gave us motherly instinct for a reason, use it! If it turns out you we're wrong GREAT! if not find out what actions need to be taken and take them. Don't worry about what others think, it's not about you it's about helping your child. Better safe than sorry ;) ok enough ranting here's some more helpful links ;)

Google search results for ADHD (close the ad at the top and it will show up) 
(forgive the ads but I am a stay at home mama, got find some way to bring in extra money...)

I hope my post makes sense to ya'll. I'm not big on grammar and fancy words, I just say what I think and I don't think in fancy terms...I'm blunt to a fault most times, As one of my soldier friends told me, me and him we're born with out that filter between our mouths and brains ;). So forgive any un needed bluntness and grammar issues :)


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