2nd Obama Dream

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 0 comments
Ok so I left off with the 1st Obama dream. God confirming that Obama was the anti-christ..
Well I asked him again just to be sure, To confirm it for me. I will do my best to explain my dream, so bear with me and I hope I make sense.

It started I was in, well first let me explain this, The ENTIRE dream was like a silent movie. I heard no sounds what so ever, The only thing I heard in the dream from start to finish was a loud voice constantly repeating the word ANTI-CHRIST. That's the only thing I heard the entire time.

Now it started I was in some parking lot some where. It was night time. I was standing in front of Obama Facing him, we we're next to a black car and the back right rear door was open waiting for him/us? to get in. I am speaking to him and he is listening, I do not know what I said to him but whatever it was it made him EXTREMELY angry. He made this face that just spewed pure rage. I mean I really pissed him off. I don't know what I said because the only thing i could hear was Anti- christ.

But In the dream I had a feeling of, well..I don't know kinda like Breaking up, Like maybe I was telling him i didn't want anything to do with him anymore.. it was  breaking off all ties kinda feeling i guess i could put it.

Anyways he made the horribly angry face at me, then to my suprise, still with the angry face he just started crying, yes crying.... He never spoke to me, he just got in his car, angry, and crying and just left.

At this point I kind felt like maybe he was helpless..? maybe there was nothing he could do? I'm not sure.

Anyways all the time still hearing Anti- Christ.

Well then I just turn around and start walking towards what I thought was a bookstore. I walk in and its like...some kind of VOO-DOO place, store.  As soon as I walk through like this beaded curtain thing this black man (the room had shelves of books on the walls and on a table in the middle and had dead chickens hanging in the left back corner of the room) was burning something in a small round wood bowl, he had something in his hand that reminded me of broom straw with it being tied together in the middle, this broom straw thing was smoking. He was looking dead at me, waving this thing around, i'm assuming chanting something because i could see his mouth moving. He had his eyes wide open, I remember seeing the whites of his eyes very clearly, he looked deranged...

While this was going on I kept getting this feeling like he or someone had feelings for me or a feeling about me... I'm not sure, Again all i can hear is Anti Christ.

So I walk around to the right of this man to go behind him through another curtain (he's following me with the broom straw thingy) when I get to the beaded curtain thing I wake up.

Now before this dream I had one that it was just black and all I could hear was Daniel over and over and in my dream I knew it meant the book of daniel, so the next day i read through it and found some interesting things... I'll do a post on it later.

But I believe this was God's way of blatantly telling me that I am right about obama being the anti-christ. I don't know what all of it means, him being angry, crying, the voodoo stuff...I wish I had someone to interrupt my dreams, give me more insight. But i assume if God wanted me to know everything he'd let me understand it all..

I don't know, but feel free to share and comment. I'd love to hear others thoughts/insights on this.

God bless you all


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