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Obama Signs Firearm And Ammo Killswitch  
"President Obama has side-stepped Congress by implementing portions of the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty through an executive order which can be used to ban the import of all firearms, ammunition and related supplies and accessories."

Executive Action: Obama To Ban Importation of Ammo, Magazines and Gun Accessories Without Congressional Approval  
"Over the course of the last month, while Americans were distracted with the threat of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula and the devastation wrought by the Boston bombings, President Obama was quietly working behind the scenes to craft laws and regulations that will further erode the Second Amendment. Congress, and thus We the People, may have unequivocally rejected federal legislation in March which aimed to outlaw most semi-automatic rifles, restrict magazine capacity, and force national registration, but that didn’t stop the President from ceding regulatory control over firearms importation to the United Nations just..."  

Nobel Committee Asked to Strip Obama of Peace Prize  
"The Bolivian President and a Russian political leader have launched a campaign to revoke Obama's honour after the US attacked Libya."

Benghazi Report Revealed 
"A new congressional report has been released, giving us more details on the terrorist attack in Benghazi which led to the death of four brave Americans. All-in-all, it doesn't look good for Secretary Clinton or the Obama administration..."

"Eighty-five percent of all credentials issued annually will be eIDs within three years, and countries issuing eIDs will exceed those still using traditional IDs by four to one, according to a recent report by Acuity Market Intelligence."

Catapult to future: Facebook 'building $1.5-billion data center' in US to conquer Internet  
"Facebook has been revealed to be the company behind a $1.5-billion installation under construction in Iowa, already dubbed the “most technologically advanced data center in the world,” according to US media."

Five people killed in Illinois shooting, gunman dies after police chase  
"A gunman who killed five people, including two children, in the US state of Illinois has died in hospital following a high-speed chase and shootout with police."

Taiwan Reports First Case Of Lethal Bird Flu 
"The news comes as international experts probing China's deadly H7N9 bird flu virus said it is "one of the most lethal influenza viruses" seen so far.
China has confirmed 108 cases and 22 deaths since the first infections were announced on March 31 and Taiwan has now confirmed its first infection in a man who had recently returned from working in eastern China where most cases have been reported."

  Ricin Letters: Suspect Cleared Of Charges
"Paul Kevin Curtis was released from custody on Tuesday - one day after an FBI agent testified that investigators had not found ricin or ingredients for the poison during a search of Curtis' home."

Abortion Doctor Trial: Some Charges Dropped 
"A judge has thrown out three murder counts for an abortion provider on trial for killing babies after they were born alive, but he still could face the death penalty."

Rain-Soaked US Midwest Battles Flooding  
"Communities throughout the US Midwest are scrambling to fend off waterways that have threatened to overflow after more storms hit the region."

FBI's Most Wanted Child Porn Suspect Captured  
"One of the FBI's most wanted men has been arrested by police in Nicaragua.
Eric Justin Toth, who was sought on child pornography charges, was taken into custody in the northern city of Esteli on Saturday, police said."

Boston Bombings Stella Tremblay, New Hampshire Legislator, Says U.S. Government Planned Boston Bombing
"A Republican state legislator in New Hampshire is claiming that the United States government is responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing."  Saudi Person Of Interest: Osama Bin Laden’s Son?
"Interrogation of the surviving wives of Osama Bin Laden by Pakistani intelligence after the raid on the Abbottabad revealed Hamza was the only person missing. He was not among those killed or injured. "   Boston PD Commisioner Slips Up, Calls Tsarnaev Bros. Actors (Video)
"Boston PD Commisioner Ed Davis slips up and calls the Tsarnaev brothers actors.  Why?  Why would he call them actors?  They werent even close to..."  UN HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICIAL SAYS BOSTON GOT WHAT IT DESERVED
"UN Human Rights Council “expert” Richard Falk has published a statement saying Bostonians got what they deserved in last week’s terror attack.  He quotes W.H. Auden to make his point: "to whom evil is done/do evil in return.”  "  C-SPAN Faces Barrage Of Callers About Boston Bombing False Flag
video ‘Boston Bombers’ Tsarnaev brothers: Where the dots won't connect
"After a dramatic and near unprecedented manhunt for the Tsarnaev brothers – accused of staging the Boston Bombings – what appears most clear is that very little clarity surrounds the case."  ‘Boston bombing does not correspond with Chechen terrorists trace’
"The Chechen ethnicity of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects is “misleading” as the militant groups of Russia’s North Caucasus wouldn’t be interested in striking the US, Matt Clements, a regional manager at the IHS information company, told RT."  Boston bombing suspect flagged on terror databases, questions raised over US govt’s handling
"One of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects was reportedly on the US government’s database of people it believes to be terrorists. The news raises questions of what federal agencies knew, and whether they could have done more to prevent the attack."  Boston: Uncertainty Over Suspect's Funeral
"...That revelation by a US intelligence official on Wednesday came as Tsarnaev's body remained in a medical examiner's office following US media reports that a mosque he attended has refused to conduct his funeral..."

"There is new evidence that American GIs are
being held against their will in Southeast Asia
more than three decades after the Vietnam
War officially ended. A letter recently
received by..."  Iran Already Past Nuclear 'Red Line' Expert Says. Netanyahu Meets Hagel...
"Why Does It Seem That America Is Falling Fast? Did Jesus Laugh? Preach The Word!"
Darrell Myatt  China to help Russia create fleet of floating nuclear power stations
"Russia and China are discussing the joint production and maintenance of the fleet of floating nuclear power stations, the head of Rusatom Overseas, Djomart Aliyev said. The idea has come from China."  ‘US miscalculated just how much North Korea would react to war games’
"The recent US war games on the Korean peninsular were primarily aimed at provoking North Korea into action and Washington seems to have underestimated what could be Pyongyang’s response, Japan-based journalist James Corbett told RT.
Corbett is certain that right now all the parties are more inclined to negotiations."  ‘Growing hatred of US’: Yemeni testifies to Senate on drone program fallout
"Washington’s drone war has turned Yemenis against the US and sparked “intense anger and hatred,” which Al-Qaeda has exploited for recruitment, according to witness testimony at the Senate’s first public hearing about the legality of drone strikes."  Russia prepares replacement for soviet-era railway-based missiles
"Russia has started design works to create a new railroad-based missile system to replace weapons destroyed in the mid-2000s under the old START treaty and are now allowed by the “New START”."  Syria: Minaret Of Famous Mosque Destroyed
"The minaret of a landmark 12th century mosque has collapsed in the clashes between Syrian rebels and forces loyal to President Bashar al Assad.
The minaret was in the heart of Aleppo's Old City, a United Nations world heritage site, and stood in the Umayyad Mosque.
Fighting has ravaged the Old City's stone-vaulted alleyways for months and much of the historic Sunni mosque has been greatly damaged."  'Gases consistent with North Korea's Feb test found'
"VIENNA - Radioactive noble gases that could be attributed to North Korea's announced nuclear test in February have been detected, an international monitoring body said on Tuesday, providing the first such possible evidence of the explosion."  North Korea continues to hold war preparations
"North Korea began to build fortifications on the border with its southern neighbor. Chinese media have reported that the move may indicate preparations for the war. Cement barricades and anti-tank constructions of logs and boulders have already appeared on the peninsula."  N. Korea to US: No Talks Without Removal of Sanctions
"North Korea is demanding the withdrawal of U.N. sanctions and an end to joint U.S.-South Korean military drills before talks with Washington can begin."  SKorea demands talks with NKorea on closed factory
"SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - South Korea is warning of a "grave measure" if North Korea rejects a call for talks on a jointly run factory park that has been shut down for nearly a month."  North Korea Denies Any Link To Boston Marathon Bombs, But Says It Still May Strike US
"After the Boston Marathon bombings last week, numerous conspiracy theories and unconfirmed accusations floated around the Web, many of which attributed the attack that killed three people and wounded more than 200 on various shadowy entities, forces and governments.
In The Wake Of Boston Explosions,...
North Korea’s Missile Test Could Take...
One theory, which was published by World Net Daily, a far-right website, suggested that North Korea was behind the Boston Marathon attack. In light of North Korea’s recent warlike threats against the U.S., the story entertained the idea that.."  U.S. Sees No Conclusive Evidence of Chemical Arms Use by Syria
"The Obama administration shares the suspicions of several of its allies that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons, a senior official said Wednesday, but it lacks the conclusive evidence that President Obama has said would lead to American intervention."  Obama Renews Call for Assad Departure
"WHITE HOUSE — President Barack Obama has renewed his determination to achieve a political transition in Syria, and the departure of President Bashar al-Assad.  The remarks, after talks with the visiting Emir of Qatar, came as the issue of Syrian chemical weapons remained high in the headlines."  Report Urges White House to Rethink Iran Penalties
"A panel of former senior American officials and outside experts, including several who recently left the Obama administration, issued a surprisingly critical assessment of American diplomacy toward Iran on Wednesday, urging President Obama to become far more engaged and to reconsider the likelihood that harsh sanctions will drive Tehran to concessions."  Israel renews military threat against Iran
"In the wake of failed international talks in early April on Iran’s nuclear program, Israeli government ministers have this week again menaced Tehran with military action, while pressing the US and its allies to do the same."  Iran unveils new drone, missile systems
"PanARMENIAN.Net - Iran has unveiled an indigenous stealth unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), two missile systems and a domestically-built mobile electronic interception system, Press TV reported."  Iran says no new talks with IAEA
"TEHRAN, April 19 (UPI) -- There are no new agreements with the United Nations' nuclear watchdog agency for more talks, an official with the Iranian negotiating team said."  China Invades India? Us Deploys Laser Weapons To Iran? Pic Of Ison? Huge...
"Earthquake watch! Solar Flare Watch! Geomagnetic storm watch! Meteor Watch! WW3 Watch! 
False Flag Watch For US! Martial Law Watch For US! Stay Safe and May God Bless!!"
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Other  Hubble Sees a Horsehead of a Different Color
"Astronomers have used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to photograph the iconic Horsehead Nebula in a new, infrared light to mark the 23rd anniversary of the famous observatory’s launch aboard the space shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990."  Dutch reality show seeks volunteers for a getaway to the first human colony on Mars
"Dutch company ‘Mars One’ has launched an official selection program for volunteers from all nations for a reality show to fly, live and die on Mars."  The Muslim World Hates The US More Than Ever. Israel Seeks Turkish Base ..
"Army Removes Bible Verses On Rifles. Rejoice In Your Troubles! I KNOW It's Hard!"
Darrell Myatt Channel:  GHOULISH DISCOVERY ! Fema Prison Found ??? Mass Grave Preparations ..
"Is this a FEMA Prison Camp? Is this a GUILLOTINE already used in 2 executions?"
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