WACO Plant Explosion and our Govt.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 0 comments

Watch the videos, listen to the sound of the JDAM, then listen to the viemo video of the plant.

I AM NOT CRAZY, our Govt. is trying to destroy us from the inside out, i'm sure obama is thinking if he can make things dangerous enough inside the US it will give him the right to enact martial law.

I wish people would do their own research, stop watching the news, read their bible, its all there right in front of your face what this govt. is doing, it even warns you in the bible of the things taking place in this world. And i find it convinent that he shuts down our southern TARS system in march and then this happens.

Please wake up and open your minds to things other than what your Tv tells you. Its hard to hear and its hard to understand, but it is happening like it or not.

Also did you see the article about bloomingberg or whatever his name is saying we have rethink the way see our constitution b/c of boston in the name of saftey?!?

open your eyes folks. it's getting worse by the minute and i'm tired of keeping my thoughts to myself. I'm sure to loose some friends but at this point i don't care, it's coming and everyone needs to wake up to it before its too late and you get ambushed. it's gonna happen, its written in the bible but at least you can prepare yourself for it if you know what to look for. start paying attention.

Fyi: do a google search for the news headlines during the week of boston, not only did they use boston as a excuse to pass the internet law, they are working on reloading powder being harder to get, check out all the things they got done in the middle east with israel and syria, jordon and the shit thats bout to hit the fan with iran. they were busy bee's last week i tell ya.

oh and lets not forget the fact that christians are considered domestic terrorists! in revalations it talks about the souls under the alter that got beheaded b/c their belief in Jesus, obama brought back guiloteens (sp?) fema camps, DHS vehicles on themove EVERYWHERE, do some research look this shit up, its there. Find your bible, get right with jesus, you don't want to be one the ones who gets to heavens gate and jesus says to you I never knew you, depart from me. I'm not crazy, i'm not joking, wake up.

I'm going to start doing more posts on TRUTH because I'm tired of keeping my mouth shut.
God Bless you all and WAKE UP!

Video VIDEO Missile Used In Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion? Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

God Bless


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