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04/23/13 12:58 PM ET EDT BOSTON -- Federal officials say the Boston Marathon bombing suspect's medical condition has improved.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (joh-KHAHR' tsahr-NEYE'-ehv) had been listed in serious condition at a Boston hospital since he was captured Friday. On Tuesday, the U.S. attorney's office said his condition had been upgraded to fair. Ok so I added this to my list of articles to include yesterday, the title was " bomb Supects mother says US took my Kids" but now when you click the link it says "404 not found" soooo I guess they removed it... moving on...

One of the individuals identified by 4chan users as a possible Boston bombing accomplice has been found dead in the Providence River.

A body found in the water off Providence earlier this week is that of a Brown University student who went missing last month, according to the Rhode Island medical examiner's office. Health Department spokeswoman Dara Chadwick confirmed the body discovered in the Providence River on Tuesday by the Brown crew team is that of 22-year-old Sunil Tripathi.

 WASHINGTON -- Two U.S. officials say the surviving suspect in the Boston bombings was unarmed when police captured him hiding inside a boat in a neighborhood back yard.

The mother of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects had been added to a federal terrorism database about 18 months before the attack, government officials said Thursday.

Boston bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been moved to a Massachusetts prison, the US Marshals Service has confirmed. The 19-year-old is now at the Federal Medical Centre in Devens - 40 miles (65km) northwest of Boston - which provides long-term medical care for inmates.

United States Vice President Joe Biden says the 2014 Boston Marathon will be "bigger, more spectacular" than ever before, and the city’s police commissioner could see that through with some serious changes starting at next year’s race. Notwithstanding last week’s terrorist attack that killed three and wounded hundreds, Boston, Massachusetts is expected to continue its tradition of hosting the annual 26-mile run next spring. Speaking to the city’s Herald newspaper though, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says he’s looking to add at least one new element in 2014: unmanned aerial vehicles.

Obama" ACCEPTS LAVISH GIFTS FROM" Saudi King Abdullah,... (Video)

Marathon deaths prompt review of security policy

Left unattended, no accessory looks as menacing these days as a backpack.
At the airport. On the subway. At a sports event.
And, as a result of the two backpack-encased bombs that exploded near the finish line at the Boston Marathon, sports teams and leagues around the world are rethinking what kind of bags, satchels, purses and, yes, black nylon backpacks should be allowed inside stadiums and arenas.

Terror/Tragedies/Police State?/Obama

A series of seven large blasts on a fuel barge in Mobile, Alabama, rocked the area Wednesday night, critically injuring three. An evacuation zone was set up after firefighters were unable to put out the blaze.

GMO Baby Formula (Video) Yes, I'm including this under Terror because it's horrible that this sh*t is in baby formula to begin with!

The U.S. Military has blocked access to the Southern Baptist Convention’s website on an unknown number of military bases because it contains “hostile content” — just weeks after an Army briefing labeled Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics as examples of religious extremism, Fox News has learned.

The Obama Fraud Is Nearing a Complete Exposure!
LATEST (April 23, 2013) On Arpaio Obama Fraud Investigation
Carl Gallups (Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups and PPSIMMONS founder) says that he has recently spoken with Lt. Mike Zullo, lead investigator of the Arpaio Obama Fraud investigation. Here is what Gallups says is happening right now:...

Health Actuaries: Obamacare Rates Will Soar
THURSDAY, April 18, 2013 (Kaiser Health News) — Few aspects of the Affordable Care Act are more critical to its success than affordability, but in recent weeks experts have predicted costs for some health plans could soar next year.

Officials found guilty in Obama, Clinton ballot petition fraud

A jury in South Bend, Indiana has found that fraud put President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election. Two Democratic political operatives were convicted Thursday night in the illegal scheme after only three hours of deliberations. They were found guilty on all counts.

Obama Consoles Texas Fertiliser Blast Town
Barack Obama has consoled the rural Texas community rocked by last week's deadly fertiliser plant explosion.

Obama's 'deportation machine' exiles American citizen
One American’s story is shining new light on an all-too common problem. As US immigration authorities reportedly aim for 400,000 deportations a year, the bureaucratic monolith has, perhaps inevitably, begun unlawfully exiling American citizens.

McLennan County Sheriff gives stern warning to Westboro Baptist

WEST -The McLennan County Sheriff has a stern message for groups looking to protest the funerals of victims of the West explosion. He says it will not happen without consequence.

Man accused of carrying improvised explosives on New Jersey train: report
NEWARK, New Jersey (Reuters) - A Jersey City man was charged with having explosives material at his home and on a train just days before the Boston Marathon bombings, but authorities said there was no indication he planned to detonate the devices, the Jersey Journal reported on Thursday.

City: No 'Don't Tread on Me' flag on public land
NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (AP) — A "Don't Tread on Me" flag, hoisted by veterans on public property in New York, has been ordered down because of its recent association with the tea party.

NYC man gets prison for terror conspiracy
NEW YORK (AP) — An American citizen of Moroccan descent who was charged in a police sting with plotting to blow up New York synagogues will spend five years in prison.

Transit bus, train crash in Pa.; 11 hurt
EVANS CITY, Pa. (AP) — A freight train struck a rural transit bus carrying senior citizens and people with developmental disabilities Friday morning, injuring 10 passengers and the driver, authorities said. At least two of the injuries were serious.

Russia: Psychiatric Hospital Fire Kills 38
Thirty-eight people have been confirmed dead after a fire tore through a psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Moscow.

Terror attacks in Europe rise by a quarter as EU citizens fight in Syria – Europol
The number of terror attacks in Europe rose significantly last year, pan-European police force Europol reported. The agency warned that conflicts in Syria and Mali provided potential breeding grounds for future militants.

Dutchman arrested in Spain for 'largest ever' Spamhaus cyber-attack
A 35-year-old Dutchman has been arrested for his suspected role in cyber-attacks against Spamhaus, according to the Dutch Public Ministry. The arrest took place in Spain. The media believe the man to be CyberBunker spokesman Sven Olaf Kamphuis.

'Dead for now:' CISPA halted in the Senate
Privacy advocates can breathe a sigh of relief as the controversial US Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) appears to be all but dead in the water, with all signs pointing to it being shelved by the Senate.

NYPD will deploy 'harmless' gas into subway in terror response drill
The New York City Police Department announced Wednesday that it will deploy, then track, what it calls “harmless” gases into the city’s subway system over three non-consecutive days this summer.

NYPD Subway Drill in July ! When Terror Drills Go Live ! (Video)

Baboons invade home, guys videotape the chaos
Something we've long suspected has proved to be true: Baboons are horrible houseguests...


Firefighters are battling to bring a mulch fire that looks like a "volcano" under control and stop it from spreading.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Six death row inmates sued Arkansas prison officials Friday, claiming execution procedures adopted by legislators last month will put them at risk for an agonizing death.

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Federal wildlife officials have drafted plans to lift protections for gray wolves across the Lower 48 states, which would end a decades-long effort that has restored the animals but only in parts of their historic range.

George Jones - who is widely considered the greatest exponent of country music - has died at the age of 81.

The US economy has expanded at a rate below that forecast by economists, the latest official figures have shown.

Withdrawals in March from Cypriot banks were almost double February's total - even though its financial institutions were shut for half of the month due to a banking crisis.

Private deposits in Cypriot banks fell by 3.9 percent down to €44.6 billion in March, as Cyprus continues to ease restrictions on international money transfers. March is the ninth straight month deposits have declined.

Beekeepers and their supporters have staged a demonstration in central London, urging Britain to support a ban on certain pesticides.

A Brazilian man has somehow avoided any brain damage after shooting himself through the eye with a six-inch harpoon.

US authorities have announced the cessation of clinical trials in the US after a vaccine designed to prevent the spread of HIV was revealed to be ineffective. The four-year trial failed to stop or reduce HIV infection in some 2,500 participants.

For the first time, Latin Americans are seen as the favorites to lead the World Trade Organisation signaling the region’s growing economic influence.

Wars/Rumors of Wars

SEOUL, South Korea - South Korea says Pyongyang has ignored Seoul's deadline for responding to a demand for talks on a shuttered inter-Korean factory park.

The North Korean ruling party’s central committee released a statement Thursday saying it regarded the joint Foal Eagle war games that have reached their climax off the Korean shore as an attempt by Washington and Seoul to push for a Korean war at all costs.

South Korea said it would recall its remaining workers from a jointly run industrial complex in North Korea, the Associated Press reported on Friday.

The French Parliament has approved France's continued war on Mali. Under so-called Operation Serval, some four-thousand French soldiers are stationed in Mali. Operations have intensified in the Gao region. Experts have warned that the war and the foreign military presence may not end any time soon.

Lawmakers demand 'action' in Syria after intel confirms chemical weapons use

Top-ranking lawmakers on both sides of the aisle declared Thursday that the "red line" in Syria has been crossed, calling for "strong" U.S. and international intervention after administration officials revealed the intelligence community believes chemical weapons were used.

Obama must act on Syria chemical weapons
(CNN) -- The Obama administration has confirmed what we have been hearing for months, that chemical weapons have been used in Syria by the regime of embattled President Bashar al-Assad.

‘He was brainwashed’: Desperate Belgian father searches for son fighting in Syria
As EU security officials become increasingly concerned about the growing number of young Europeans fighting in Syria, a desperate Belgian father went to look for his 18-year-old son in the ancient Syrian city of Aleppo.

White House says the US may use military force against Syria
The White House says President Barack Obama may approve using military force against the Syrian government.

Obama's Syria caution shows Washington uncertainty
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama said Friday that any use of chemical weapons by Syria would be a "game changer," but he cautioned that the United States needs more evidence that President Bashar Assad has used the deadly agents against his people.

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